Lettuce talk aquaponics

Lettuce thrive off the moist nutrient rich environment that aquaponics provides. They are also able to be grown in a range of different aquaponic growing conditions like deep water culture, channel or flood and drain, see here. This makes lettuce a versatile and relatively inexpensive choice for the aquaponic gardener. We have a kit set […]

Bright ideas

A frequent topic of discussion at Foodqube (largely because we have differing opinions and Rob refuses to concede until I write a blog) is the use of solar cells to deliver electrical power to pumps and heaters used in aquaponics systems. I come down squarely on the side of ‘don’t bother’ where you are looking […]

Foodqube in the news

This blog post will be used to keep our readers up to date with news, articles, stories and any other related endeavors. Aquaponics in Permaculture Design – Written by Robert Armstrong – Posted on the Permaculture Principles website – June 12, 2014. The Rouge Plantation pops up in South Brisbane – Written by Lauren Barker […]

The marvel of goldfish

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent some time in Vietnam and we were fortunate enough to visit U-Café in Hoi An. Not only does U Café boast some of the best food and beverages in Hoi An (great café sua da / iced coffee) but it is also a showcase of […]

Make hay while the sun shines

Sunlight is a crucial element in the vegetable garden, unfortunately however we are not all lucky enough to have a spot that receives full sun and so some gardeners are going to have to work with less than favourable conditions. This blog post has been written to provide those gardeners who do not have the best spot […]

Eating the world

Guest post by Robert Arcidiacono from Made Forward – reward tomorrow with better designs today The food on your plate boasts a remarkable story. Starting as a tiny seed, gathering nutrients from the ground it has been tendered to, watered and harvested by someone you have probably never even met. On top of this, some of […]

Urban aquaponics

This blog post has been written to showcase the absolute versatility of aquaponics in designing unique and productive urban spaces. Our latest collaboration with Made Forward and Severn Positive (urban permaculture design start-ups) along with graffiti artists ‘Drapl’ and ‘Treas’  from Graffiti Murals has seen a brick courtyard area at Rouge Coffee (25 Glenelg St […]