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The marvel of goldfish

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent some time in Vietnam and we were fortunate enough to visit U-Café in Hoi An. Not only does U Café boast some of the best food and beverages in Hoi An (great café sua da / iced coffee) but it is also a showcase of […]

Fish species for use in aquaponics

There are a couple of really well suited fish for use in aquaponics. In my opinion the cream of the crop are the Jade Perch and the Silver Perch. These species are widely regarded for their wide tolerances to swings in water quality and there mostly herbivorous diets, meaning that they will not eat each other. Other […]

Crayfish in aquaponics

I grew up on a bush block just outside of Stanthorpe QLD where we had an abundant supply of crayfish in our home dams. My brothers and I would quite often set the cray traps in the morning and by lunch there would be enough in the trap for a good feed. That’s right throw […]