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Bright ideas

A frequent topic of discussion at Foodqube (largely because we have differing opinions and Rob refuses to concede until I write a blog) is the use of solar cells to deliver electrical power to pumps and heaters used in aquaponics systems. I come down squarely on the side of ‘don’t bother’ where you are looking […]

Make hay while the sun shines

Sunlight is a crucial element in the vegetable garden, unfortunately however we are not all lucky enough to have a spot that receives full sun and so some gardeners are going to have to work with less than favourable conditions. This blog post has been written to provide those gardeners who do not have the best spot […]

Simple maintenance steps

The first six months of owning and operating an aquaponics kit is probably the most demanding. This stage can be quite a steep learning curve for the beginner gardener as they try to get their head around raising both fish and veggies together in the one system. Once your kit is up and running thought, […]

Bio-filtration and mechanical filtration explained

Bio-filtration Aquaponics relies on beneficial bacteria to convert fish wastes to plant food. When fish waste (ammonia) enters the water a naturally occurring bacteria starts to convert this waste to nitrite. Once nitrite is available in the water a second bacteria then converts the nitrite to nitrate. Plants can then use up the available nitrates […]

Growing methods for aquaponics

Grow bed systems The most common technique for gardening aquaponically is the grow bed system. This system relies on a media filled bed, where water is pushed from the fish tank to the grow bed before draining back to the fish tank. The grow bed is filled with a rock aggregate (expanded clay / scoria […]

Four big tips for DIY’ers

The idea behind this blog post is to share some of the real successes I have had whilst experimenting with a number of different aquaponics designs over the past five years. I hope that by sharing what I have learnt others will find it easier to build their own system and start farming aquaponically. The […]

What grow media to use in aquaponics?

There really is an unlimited number of options when it comes to selecting a grow media for your aquaponics system. Most hydroponic grow media blends however are really not suited to aquaponics as they are too fine and will end up compacting with fish solids and prevent you from effectively cycling your system. Rock aggregates […]

Running a cost effective aquaponics system

Most aquaponics systems require a pump to feed the water to the grow bed and an aerator to supply oxygen to the fish. Because there are a whole lot of things to consider when setting up a system people often overlook power usage when designing these features into a system.  If you fail to properly […]