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Dissolved oxygen in aquaponics

I recently posted a blog entry on common fish problems in which dissolved oxygen (DO) got a mention but due to its importance in the system I have decided write a stand-alone entry.  Plants, bacteria and fish all require DO to be present in the system. Without it nothing would survive. Plants require DO around […]

Bio-filtration and mechanical filtration explained

Bio-filtration Aquaponics relies on beneficial bacteria to convert fish wastes to plant food. When fish waste (ammonia) enters the water a naturally occurring bacteria starts to convert this waste to nitrite. Once nitrite is available in the water a second bacteria then converts the nitrite to nitrate. Plants can then use up the available nitrates […]

Water testing in aquaponics

In order to get the most out of your system it is best to conduct fairly regular water tests. Water testing not only gives you an indication of when your water quality is slipping thus posing a risk to your fish but it also helps to guide actions that can be taken to maximize the […]